Welcome to the Progressive Pacific Message
The core Progressive Pacific Message tells us that individual freedom is bound to one's personal responsibility to assure equitable communities. The ongoing mission is:
As knowledge and technology evolve in the 21st Century, the day-to-day customs and practices of individuals, their organizations, and their governments should be adjusted to assure the creation and maintenance of equitable communities which permit every person the opportunity to pursue personal productive goals while sharing with all other humans equality in personal dignity and human rights while enjoying freedom with responsibility.
In 21st Century America Progressives find themselves lost in a sea of words which opponents use to confuse, hide, or sublimate their message.

Progressives know that at the beginning of the 20th Century their message was accurately expressed by Teddy Roosevelt seeking to counter the impact of the Industrial Age on the American economy.

Progressives do not share a "liberal" or "democratic socialist" focus on using taxpayer money to design and  create "better society." Progressives oppose the Neoliberal ideology of the state Republican Party organizations and of the Third Way of the National Democratic Party which embraces that Neoliberal corporatist economic ideology.

“Progressives” focus on using government power to make large institutions play by a set of rules while using a "progressive tax structure" to fund local, state, and federal government activities such as providing streets and highways, schools, medical services, and defense. The goal is to create equitable communities and an equitable world.

Importantly, Progressives are aware of history and know that the first Progressive President Teddy Roosevelt was cast out by the Republicans and rejected by the Democrats - he had to create his own political movement. As explained in this website, the 21st Century Neoliberal takeover of the state Republican Party organizations and the Third Way takeover of the National Democratic Party effectively shuts out the Progressive Pacific Message which is presented here.

Being "Progressive" means addressing, through individual action and public policy, significant inequities resulting from prejudice, industrialization and technology, urbanization, and corruption much as it did beginning in the late 19th Century and early 20th Centuries. Solutions to the problems were, and are, to be addressed in a balanced, pragmatic approach not dependent upon ideology.

Perhaps no mid-20th Century Progressive worked harder to achieve the ideal of securing human rights than "The First Lady of the World" Eleanor Roosevelt. After the end of WWII she led the international process that resulted in the adoption of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in December 1948. At the time of her death on November 7, 1962, she was the first Chair of the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.

It is time for Progressives in the Pacific States to pick up her sword-of-persuasion to defend and maintain Progressive policies in the Progressive Pacific States of Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and California.

It also is time for Progressives to pick up the cudgel-of-economic-justice of her uncle, Teddy Roosevelt, to restore Progressive polices within the government of these United States.

To achieve our Mission, the Progressive Pacific Message includes a statement of The Obligations and Rights of People and Their States which must be recognized and defended by all using the aforementioned sword-of-persuasion and cudgel-of-economic-justice.

The additional information contained in our web page History Matters: The Systematic Destruction of American Progressivism Over Seventy Years is not a "short read." It is, however, far from a comprehensive history/geography textbook on the American Progressive Movement.. It simply offers some insight into the 21st Century amplification of a deep American cultural split. It will be useful if you want to join with us to do something about what in the past 70 years has happened to the American Progressive movement.

In Why it is a Progressive "Pacific" Message the significant reasons underlying why the people of the Pacific States must take on the task of properly restoring the Progressive Message. People in the Pacific States no that survival in the 21st Century will require a truly Progressive multicultural attitude sustained through Progressive policies and actions.